About Us

Manpower planning, recruitment and retention are critical business considerations that contribute directly to your organization’s ability to build a skilled workforce and achieve your goals.

Executive Recruiters of Africa Inc. is an established leader in the executive search and selection space. The breadth of our experience and background give us a broad continental mandate to serve clients in numerous countries in Africa.

We help you to find, attract, and retain executives that enable your organization to prosper.  We also help candidates to find the best executive opportunities that align with their unique attributes, skills, and passions.

We provide hands on support from developing detailed job descriptions, to designing and implementing robust recruitment and selection tools.  Our recruitment and selection services will empower you to recruit and hire better candidates.

We have worked extensively with employers to design, develop and implement retention strategies to attract and retain talent.  We take a holistic view of the employment relationship and see total reward strategies, the employee proposition and long term incentive programmes as key levers to achieve success.

Meet Our Talented Africa Executive Recruiting Team